Dr. Vernon Burrows, Ph.D

Dr.Burrows is recognized as both a national and international authority on oat breeding and oat utilization. He has served with distinction for many years on a wide variety of Canadian Expert Committees responsible for the improvement of oats for food, feed and industrial uses.He has been asked for, and has given, his oat genetic stocks to colleagues, in defferent refions of the world, to assist them in their oat breeding. He has cooperated with commercial food processing and seed companies to breed varieties for their specific needs.

He was an adjunct professor at McGill University and has served as external examiner on several M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses at McGill University, the University of Ottawa and the University of Guelph. His varieties are highly regarded by producers and processors and most of his career has been devoted to raising the status and usefulness of oats as a major cereal grain.

Although he is officially retired, he continues to work as a Research Scientist Emeritus and as a non-paid consultant on oats both in Europe, North America and China. He is convinced that this nutritious, highly-adaptable yet underutilized cereal grain will help to feed increasing world populations and provide an important export crop for Canada.

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