Feed-Grade Barley

Semican markets two-row malting barleys, which are known to have a greater tolerance to fusarium head blight and a better test weight and 1000 kernel weight than six-row barleys. With the knowledge and expertise that Semican has acquired over the years, we thought it would be worthwhile to incorporate these qualities in feed barley varieties. This would be especially useful in Zone 3, where two-row feed barley varieties are more productive than six-row barleys.
As is the case with malting barley, Semican offers four two-row feed barley varieties: Island, Newport, CDC Rattan, and a new addition, the aptly named Champion, which takes performance to the next level.
Two six-row barley varieties, Lacey and Tradition, are also available as part of our feed barley line-up.
Recommended seeding rate: 400 seeds/m2

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