Pure species

Why use cover crops?

The decision to invest in cover crop seed is motivated by many factors. Whether to introduce a new crop in your rotations or to meet the requirements of organic farming, you are sure to benefit from this practice. Here are some of the advantages that should convince you of their worth:

Add organic matter to your soil.

Protect the soil from wind and water erosion.

Improve soil structure and aeration, and reduce compaction.

Recycle nutrients that are less available to the main crop ans retrain potentially leachable nutrients.

Diversify crop rotation to break the cycle of diseases, insects and weeds.

Niche markets

Bread wheat

Using cereals in crop rotations increases crop diversity and facilitates management

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Malting barley

Semican has developed a great expertise in the malting barley market. This premium

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Green manure cover crop

A part of the Quebec agricultural landscape for 34 years now, Semican has become an

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Hulless Oats

Using oats in crop rotations increases crop diversity and facilitates crop management

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