2 & 3 string hay bales

2 String bales from Eastern Canada:
First and second cut are available.
Loaded with approximately 754 bales per trailer.
Bale average 40 lbs to 55 lbs.

2 String bales from Western Canada:
Semican offers high quality grass hay from Western Canada.
Hay is produced in a dry climate so there are very few Brown or yellow leaves.
The weight per bale varies from 55 lbs to 65 lbs depending on the producer.
Some producers offer a Bale Baron package (18 to 21 bales of hay attached together),
which allows a fast loading and unloading to the Customer.
Loads vary between between 550 to 690 bales depending on loading precess and sizes of bales.

3 String bales from Western USA:
Semican offers Timothy grass,orchard grass and alfalfa in 3 string bales.
All delivered in intermodal 53 foot containers.
Timothy grass asn orchard grass average 100 lbs per bale: alfalfa averages 125lbs per bale.
Intermodal container maximum weight allowed is 43 000 lbs.

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