Hullfree Oats Turcotte

Healthy facts about Hullfree tm Oats

Horses have eaten oats for thousands of years. Semican Hullfree Oas are all natural, unprocessed, NON-GMO oats with blended energy from the starch and oil. With 30% more calories than covered oats, it is an ideal combination for all performance horse.

Oat starch is the most digestible of all cereal starches (more so than corn or barley starch). Oat starch is readily digested in the small intestine and is not passed into the hindgut, where it can cause digestive problems. Hullfree oats are 95% digestible and have more than twice the oïl of covered oats. Oat oïl is energy dense with cool, clean burning results and fewer health risks.

Plus, Hullfree oats are loaded with antioxidants that are useful in many body processes. Antioxidants are immune enhancers, cardiac protectors, cancer fighters and reduce itchy dermatitis. The oats are dust free and extremely palatable to horses.

2 qts. (2 lbs, 0.9 kg) of crimped oats = 1 qt. (1.33lbs, 0.6 kg) of Hullfree oats

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